Three years ago Sviatlana came back to Dubai and in her hand bag was a small, green and waxy leaf wrapped in damp tissue in a plastic bag.  It was a cutting of a Happiness Tree from the gardens of Slonim, Belarus.

The leaf was planted, it rooted and soon started to grow. And for a time it delivered its promise.

But as time passed Sviatlana and I lost contact  and soon after our tree divided into two branches.  Just as I knew it would the branch I had named Sviatlana grew strong, robust and proud.

But the other branch divided as I started on a new life with the hope that the third branch may soon also have a new name.

With my departure to Saudi Arabia I have to leave my Tree behind and so, like Sviatlana I too have taken two leaves as cuttings and will carry them with me on my new journey.

But what to do with the plant?  I have looked around, among my friends, it seems to me that A and A are the most in love and so to them as I leave my happiness and my Tree.  I know they will look after both my Tree and their love.


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